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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX Business  November 4, 2012 6:00pm-7:00pm EST

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tuesday night. 6:00 p.m. >> knew, seven years after this. eerie parallels looking at this. now, hearing this. >> what is going on here [ bleep ]. >> there is old ladies that have nothing! >> okay. >> it's awful. >> seriously people out here are very frustrated. >> it's just chaos. it's pad moneyium out here.
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>> everybody is hot headed. everybody is upset [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> neil: all this stuff about sandy recovery thing going well. fox news alert, folks, it's not. welcome, i'm neil cavuto and a sandy response apparently crashing down. two million residents are still in the dark and cold. power outages no fewer than seven dates, gas lines stretching across miles. it's all spending frustration flaring. two days until election day, raising new questions it could boomerang on no less than president obama. more on that in a moment. first to the people still
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suffering like maria of staten island who is still left to pick up the pieces. how are things going? >> i wish they were saying going better but they are not. >> neil: blah is the problem right now? >> i know that the volunteers have been out there and i've heard that the marathon runners, to their credit have been and helping people as much as they can. the red cross is somewhere on staten island and national guard is here. there are massive amounts of volunteers giving out water and food. there are certain communities, large communities in staten island that have been virtually forgotten. >> neil: the problem seems to be authorities were told from authorities they can't get through to these communities. what can you tell us? >> the first couple of days after sandy when cleanup begin after they were doing rescue the community i live in which is
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midland beach the area of jefferson island, everybody knows island boulevard was still four and a half feet underwater. they were trying to rescue people who why had not evacuated. for some reason, although the majority of the island, water had reced two days after the storm, we were still under water. i actually evacuated and could not get into my house. it was all those rows, any of main roads were blocked. they were all under water. as of thursday, we were able to get through and high land boulevard which is one of the main thoroughfares. people drive it every single day. it has eased congestion on island boulevard but midland beach and south beach, there are large groups of people who have not been visited by the red cross or the national guard or the volunteers or even san face.
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i'm sure that all those people that are volunteering that are there, putting hours and hours of their own time are not here because they don't know, nobody the telling them about it. government officials and our politicians want everybody to believe that servicing okay and everything is back to normal. people will be going back to stol school and life continues except people are cleaning out their basements and first floors with all the things they own. the streets outside, if we had a snowstorm, instead of snow it's piled high with furniture and appliances. you know, some of what came up was ocean water, some of what has happened sewer water. the smell isn't exactly pleasant. >> neil: hang in there. i know you hear that great piece of is. you have been a trooper through
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all of this. we wish you well. now it's heck of a job but don't blame out of power folks or patience with northeasterners. millions are without power. this storm that wreaked havoc on region is about to unleash voter backlash at the polls. steve, what do you think? >> reporter: it's interesting a tale of two storm responses. i thought president obama was very strong in the firs 48 hours. it appeared that everything was going well. that this was being dealt with very confidently and getting relief to the people that neededed. you saw governor christie said and several people were dealing with the storm. that was the first 48 hours. now, we are finding the last 72 hours the people i talk to in new jersey and you showed the devastation of stat island,
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they are not getting the relief. where the fema and where is the federal governmental and help that is promised? people are saying it is not there. there is no electricity, there is no gasoline. in many ses there is no drinking water. >> neil: you and i sxi can emember with katrina, big difference in variety of levels. it was the same immediate response that things were under control. the famous heck of a job brownie comment that prompted the initial view, things are under control and not so bad. then we started getting the images, we started seeing more and more. it was not under control. we're seeing the initial response on the part of president and governor christie and mayor bloomberg and governor of new jersey is still speaking to reporters in hoboken. residents who are affected in these areas, you are talking a good game but it ain't happening
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to me. that is when it turns the tide what do you see happening now if this lingers much longer? >> reporter: first of all, thank you for covering this story. i have been watching other stations, they are not covering this station. a lot of americans saw the instant response, this was a storm that was dealt with and very professional and competent manner and fema and state. now, we are finding out thanks in large part that is not the case. i think a lot of people outside of new york and new jersey have not been getting the real story that this is turning in to i hate to say it a katrina instant replay. help not getting there. thereas real devastation. it's armageddon in cities and towns and new jersey, as well. i am frustrated by it and the way people who living there are
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apoletic. this storm happened six days ago >> neil: we are also following chris christie trying to update new jerseyans particularly hoboken that power is being restored. rick leventhal got into a feisty exchange in how this is going. let's just say it was just say, it got heated. more after this. follow the wings. ♪
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obviously verizon. okay, i have a different chart. going that way, does that make a difference ? look at verizon. it's so much more than the other ones. so what if we just changed the format altogether ? isn't that the exact same thing ? it's pretty clear. still sticking with verizon. verizon. more 4g lte coverage than all other networks combined. >>. >> neil: we have been talking about governor christie addressing residents in new jersey and still doing so in hoboken. rick leventhal caught up with a few minutes ago about the state of recovery but also some of the political heat this has caused
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among some of the republican party. >> governor, along those lines a lot of attention has bn paid with president obama and damaged areas. people understand your commitment to the people of w jersey and need to get them help some are questioned where on your endorsement of mitt romney. >> you know this is kind of silliness that really drives me crazy. listen, i was first governor in america to endorse mitt romney. i eorsed him 13 months ago. i traveled around all the country for him. i raised millions of dollars for him. i spoke at literally dozens and dozens of rallies. i did that because i thought when i endorsed him he was best person to bring america back jobs, its economy and greatness in the world. i still believe that today. i don't understand why telling the president of the united states that he has done a good job, when he has done a good job
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equals an endorsement. the fact of the matter is mitt romney knows this and so does the president of the united states. i endorsed mitt romney 13 months ago and on tuesday i think she best guy for the job. it doesn't mean i can't turn to the president of the united states of america, thank you, sir, for providing good leadership in this crisis and for helping the people of new jersey and to extend my hand of friendship to him. this shows you how broken our political system is. because i say something nice about someone who does their job well, somehow.... [ applause ] >> sunshine that takes away my en -- somehow that takes my eastbound distortion. away from mitt romney? there are two people who i'm volunteering for, mitt romney and the president of united states. it doesn't mean we can't work together and haven't worked together and continue to work
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together. the people of new jersey resct me, i have a job to do. my state has been damaged miserably by this storm. so i hope we put this silliness aside. >> neil:and then they dragged rick to a nearby prison. but he has just been released. that went well, rick. >> reporter: it couldn't have been any clearer. >> neil: you asked a very germane question. >> i'm glad he got enough sleep and he made his point clearly. this is a state that is in a lot of trouble right now. this was a very lengthy press conference for theovernor. there were so many areas, one of the biggest issues is gasoline. we've been show shing you the
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gas lines and waited for several hours for many residents and residents of this area. they need fuel to get around and so many gas stations lost power the few that are open. they run out of fuel even with hundreds of cars waiting to fil you will. they are discouraging people from topping off their tanks and going to an odd and even system. you can buy gas on an odd day if your license plate is odd. fuel at stations that do have power, they are working to get the ones without power back on. there is no fuel shortage in new jersey but the issue is getting the fuel to the station and getting the stations juice power up to pump the gas. >> neil: were they surprised even with the rationing, the lines are still long. you know better than i they are still pretty long? >> in some cases they are several hours. we had a cab driver, he waited
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six hours and got to the pumps and they shut down there. are stations not far from here, the lines are moving better. 15 minutes or so. it could get worse tomorrow when people start going back to work and realize they need fuel to get there. the governor spoke about the electricity issue. 2.7 million customers without power, after the storm it, now down less to a million customers big improvement but not to those million. it's going to be colder overnight. this there is concerns about tens of thousands of people staying in in their homes without heat. they may try to move some of those people to apartments and hotel rooms. we heard from homeland secretary janet napolitano about that issue. that is one part of it. we know there is natural gas issues they had to shut down because fears of explosions and fires. there are many roads closed.
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barrier island remains closed. they are trying to get the schools open. this was a state that was hit very, very hard. they are just now beginning to try to get back on their feet. >> neil: very good job as usual. rick leventhal in hoboken. how is the governor doing and officials responding to this. we have governor jan brewer from arizona. i guess laid to rest that they maybe chris christieas switched sides, i don't think that was considered but he was showing too much support and kindness toward the president. what did you think of his response to rick? >> t bottom line is. we know when a zvt hits in the magnitude of hurricane sandy, devastation that takes place you appreciate what the federal government can do. i believe the president showed
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up. did his job. nothing me than any other president would do. i can understand christie being appreciative of him being there. the proof is in the pudding but we'll see what is delivered the next few weeks and few months. it could be possibly a year. it is an issue you he to look at it long term. >> neil: i'm wondering, governor as a new jerseyan still without power but i'm not one to complain. there are lot folks worse off than i. there is big difference with the president showing up and saying we're on top of it and extreme frustration you hear out of residents with long lines waiting for gas and flip over to new york and very angry residents on staten island. it does seem to be a
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disconnected between what officials are saying at all levels that help is on the way. we've got this under control. then the reality on the ground. i'm only saying, the media pounced on that disconnect with katrina. it's not really pouncing on that disconnect so far with sandy. >> when you watch and see the scenes of what has happened in those areas, it is just devastation one could hardly imagine. people are still not having food not having supplies, not having the guard there, the looting going on. no drinking water. it is unbelievable that in america that is now taking place. i believe that responsibility, a lot of it lies with the federal government. certainly the local people can help, but the local people are destated too the where do you go?
6:20 pm
the federal government has a job to do. it's their responsibility to pick up and do the things that local governments can't do. in a situation like that, yeah, we're glad at the president showed up in new jersey let's see a little more action taking place. i believe that again the proof is in the pudding. in the next couple of weeks if they are going to get the job done or not. it shouldn't be this way, not in america. >> neil: it is this way so far. governor, always good chatting with you. thank you very much. the whole story what happened on september 11th after the benghazi attack thing, you are only going to get it after november 6th -- are you getting that feeeeeeeeee÷÷
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>>. >> neil: david axelrod says the president is not stalling about the attack in libya. questions mount as what the administration did or did not know. retired four-star general, leslie clashing, good to have you. >> great to be with you. >> neil: the argument is whether the white house is running out the clock, what do you think? >> i don't think so. i think you have to lay this thing in a real investigation. after 9/11 we took four years to really understand what happened. it turned out before 9/11 there were really strong warnings. i think there is something else going on here in benghazi. there is a lot of cloak and dagger stuff associated with it. there have been enough leaks to make me believe there is more to this story. >> nl: has there been enough
6:25 pm
to discomfort you that it's possible even the president or very least his top advisors let us down? >> no, i don't think so. i think it's opposite. i think they were doing remarkable things in benghazi. they don't want to release what was actually going on there. the ambassador didn't live in benghazi. the ambassador was in tripoli. benghazi is something else. >> neil: but there were many warnings about how bad benghazi was and you don't think right now would, it do any good? >> think what is going to happen more eventually when the investigation is completed. i don't think i can rush these kinds of investigations. there are hundreds of thousands of e-mail and communications they have to go who knew what and when. >> neil: it is apples and oranges t compare two different periods. if you think about how the
6:26 pm
president, many of his advisors and they were talking about and what the bush administration knew and knew it in iraq. it didn't seem to be the same deal to get the same treatment here? >> actually there is. i don't think anybody cares more about the diplomats abroad than the president. he immediately calle other heads of states. he redeployed military forces in the area of libya. >> neil: regardless of what happens in election we'll get a full accounting? >> i think you'll get a full accounting less the stuff that needs to remain classified. there are classified things going on tre. i don't think it at all. >> neil: you were working on behalf of the president. how do you think ohio is loong? >> we're very confident in the ground game there. one of big things in ohio is
6:27 pm
that the american manufacturing industries actually is coming back in ohio. for the first time since the mid 1990s, ohio is adding manufacturing jobs. >> neil: i had governor john kasich he says it's the result of his policies? >> success has many fathers but it's about the audible industry. i was in youngstown, where the chevy cruse is made. it's made in youngstown ohio. you talk about proud people. >> neil: is it a win? >> i think it's a tremendous win. >> neil: what about pennsylvania? >> i think he will carry pennsylvania also. if you spread across the polls, for what polls are worth show that the president is ahead in most of these battleground states by enough of margin to
6:28 pm
carry. the key thing is the turnout. one of the tngs most disturbing to me asormer general officer and supervised elections in balkans and make sure they are fair, for some reason in some of these states we have political parties that don't want people to vote. they restrict poll hours. they restrict the number of voting machines. they add.... >> neil: what about people in lines that are voting for mitt romney, popping up oba? >> i only heard one instance of that. i have seen others -- what i have seen it does upset me. it shouldn't be happening in the united states of america. if there is an issue, keep the polls open. what is the difference? this is the unitedtates of america. when people aroun the world understand about voter suppression and hear these
6:29 pm
arguments. >> neil: another day, another after tuesday? >> in ohio.... >> you a not saying go to november 7th? >> we have four hours of early voting today in ohio. polls were open 1:00 to 5:00. why is that? why couldn't we have eight hours or ten hours? great i think they should all vote early. some some of these polling places you are waiting in two or three hours. >> neil: youre not trying to run out the clock? >> no, i want every american should be voting. that is the goal and that is the standard for the united states of america. >> neil: general, it's always a pleasure. in the meantime, is this enough to make roosevelt rumble. james, it is close as the general said. are you getting worried?
6:30 pm
>> great to be with you. we saw each other in charlotte. a lot has happened since then. i always expected this to be a close election. it is as close as many anticipated it would be. now i think things are trending toward president obama. >> jamie: i think the general made some good points and others made good points but there are others that said there are tipping points these polls are not representing what is really going on. maybe there is much stronger support for mitt romney. we won't know until tuesday. do you see a scenario where the president could actually lose big on tuesday? >> i think the president could win big on tuesday. i think that the real poll is the one that closes on tuesday night. i think as people think about it between now and then, plus as people who voted already and
6:31 pm
voting tomorrow early, as people think about it they will think about the case there is a real choice in this election. the case that the president and vice president obama and biden have made for really strengthening, rebuilding the middle-class and moving forward or the case that mitt romney and paul ryan has mad for moving back to the policies of president george w. bush. >> but your grandfather in the 36th race that things were better but things weren't great. they still weren't great. this is the kind of tempo this time around. do you think it will work? >> there is a lot of similarities. my grandfather in 1936 talked directly to the american people and said, look, i need four more years to keep us movingn the right direction. we are not there yet. we need to keep running in the
6:32 pm
right direction and he won in a huge land i land slide. >> neil: always a pleasure. rick santorum, with pennsylvania. it's even! from 17 billion chips worldwide to a world of super-connected intelligence. the potential of freescale unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. to investing with knowledge. the potential of td ameritrade unlocked. nyse euronext. unlocking the world's potential. why they have a raise your rate cd. tonight our guest, thomas sargent. nobel laureate in economics, and one of the most cited economists ithe world. professor sargent, can you tell me what cd rates will be in two years? no.
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>> zbloochb it's a tie in pennsylvania. long ago lock for democratic for president. but it's dead even at 47% prompting a last minute campaign than no less than bill clinton. rick santorum, there is nothing bubba can do to undo the bounce. senator, good to have you? >> thank you very much. good to be back with you. >> neil: i know you represented the state and on the presidential level it is tough. is this for real? >> i believe it is for a variety
6:36 pm
of reasons. let's take a step back. we have a republican governor who is a conservative. we have a conservative republican senator. we i think it's 11 out of our congressmen a solid majority are republicans. we have that control of the state house and state senate for 20 some years and stated house for several years. >> neil: what happens at the presidential level? i don't want to read too much into that but on that level? >> i lovehis question. what is the who is the last republican nominated from east of the mississippi? before mitt romney? the answer to question was tom dewey in 1948. we 6 not nominated people that click with us. i love george bush he is a good friend of mine. a guy from midland, texas didn't click with eastern pennsylvania.
6:37 pm
you can't win unless you hold your margins down in that area of the country. we just never had candidates that did. that mitt romn is doing that. one of the reasons he is going to southeastern pennsylvania this weekend is because he is actually doing a good job in lding down the vote in suburban philadelphia which has been going against us the last 15-20 years. i think he will do very well in the central part of the state. energy is big issue there. that is another thing that huge advantage for mitt romney in this race among democrats and northeastern part of the state. they will be voting for mitt romney because barack obama is going to take away their jobs if he gets this thing going to hydraulic fracking. >> neil: if mitt romney were to pick up pennsylvania, it would ake some of the iortance off of winning ohio and redo the math. >> two more electoral votes.
6:38 pm
>> neil: they say they are just smoking something because they have no chance in pennsylvania and they are trying to deflect atakes what a losing ground game in ohio. what say you? >> all i can tell you i think they are spending $10-12 million in pennsylvania this week. that is serious money i think more money barack obama is spending. unlike ohio where over a third of the votes have been cast, 97% of votes have not been casted in pennsylvania. i'm not a big fan for early voting for the very reason we're seeing in pennsylvania. you don't want to race for the last months of campaign. you win a race and people decide on the day not a period of three or four weeks where dynamics can change. pennsylvania, only way don't voted on election day you get an absentee ballot. i think that the best way.
6:39 pm
it also gives people the campaigns an opportunity to make the full case to the american voter on a date certain. i think it's going to be benefit for mitt romney. >> il: whether all said an done one out of four americans will have voted. wesley clark that caught maybe my cynical point of view here. is this opening a possible litigious ground, we suspect voter turnout is being suppressed or people not allowed to vote. regardless of what happens with ohio, early voting, lawyers are going to have a field day and it could delay official results of this election? >> that is why this early voting to me a real issue and real problem. in ohio they are going to have all day to vote on election day. let them vote on election day.
6:40 pm
that is what it is for. we cal them election days. what the democratic party does, wes clark should be ashai78d of himself for saying that. if things don't look good. they run to the courts and they claim all sorts of things that have nothing to do with the fact that barack obama has been a failure as a president. the reason this race is a race at all is because of the last four years of failure, both on national security front and, of course, on the eonomic front and fiscal front as a leader of ts country. that is why mitt romney is going to win this race because barack obama has been a failure and mitt romney offers a viable optimistic forward leaning and positive sense getting back to traditional american values that is going to make america great again. >> neil: senator, best to your family. good having you. forget about how sandy is going to affect voter turnout.
6:41 pm
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>>. >> neil: can you believe this. in wake of sandy, trying to get heat back on for millions without power. maria molina, now we have another storm coming up. >> that is right. a nor'easter, good to see you, conditions deteriorating as we head into wednesday and thursday across northeast with a coastal storm that is going to produce win and rain in coastal areas and snow. before we get to waned thursday, very cold temperatures, dipping into the 20s. sunday night and monday night across atlantic city and as we head northbound, new york is
6:45 pm
going to be dealing cold temperatures, 29 degrees, very chilly out there. many people still without power and shelter. and 30 degrees will be low tonight and storm coming up thursday. >> neil: thank you very much. the power is back in virginia. utility crews in that state is heading north and bob mcdonald is the governor of virginia, donating $50,000 to help in recovery efforts. governor, it's good to have you. thank you. >> tay, we're going to have the power back on and we got 1600 people, utility workers going to new jersey and new york to help out. >> neil: you have been relentless helping out and juggling campaign duties. i don't know if you heard rick leventhal talk to chris christie whether the governor was too friendly, too cozy, i'm
6:46 pm
paraparaphrasi, but on the bottom line he is still a romney guy and still suppo romney. believes the president was very helpful in dealing with this mess in w jery. that is the line should be drawn and enough of this debate. what do you think? >> i think when you have natural disasters, partisanship goes out the window and everybody needs to do to protect the people. federal government, fema in particular is the support team for state and local governments. so governor christie and are front lines and did well. we're glad that fema did their job. chris christie is 110% behind mitt romney because he knows we need new leadership in this country. he is a strong romney supporter. i think we're going to have a new president come tuesday because we just can't take four
6:47 pm
more years like this county. >> polls are very tight in yr state. even the senate race. they are virtually tied. things of tightened up quite a bit. in the end how do you think it is going down? >> i think governor romney wins a close election in virginia. he is obviously making eight huge priority. he was here today and paul ryan yesterday. the sons were there today and two hours tomorrow, fairfax, lynchberg. here is the bottom line because of the defense cuts in virginia that obama won't do anything about, because of the energy policies that have been crushing to offshore development and coal because of the debt and because of the lack of help when it comes to creating job friendly environment out of washington, for those reasons he will push
6:48 pm
independent voters towards romney. it's close and competitive. we have an equal ground game and i think we're going to win. >> neil: governor, thank you very much. governor mcdonnel led other governorships going republican and chris christie and famous turnover in the house. >> why wait for the election. rudy guliani says the president should call it quits right now. between handling of benghazi and sandy, the former mayor says if the president said, ado. we thought we would talk to him to explain that one. he is up next. ♪
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>>. we need help out here bleep. >> we what is going on out here [ bleep ] [ bleep ]. >> we have nothing. >> mayor, seriously people are very frustrated. >> neil: let's say it's not going well. a lot of wrath being directed at michaael bloomberg over post sandy cleanup effort. for some reasons, outskirts of staten island into a disaster. rudy guliani is with me to talk about this. what is going on here? people are obviously getting frustrated, taking it out on the present mayor, many taking it out on barack obama and many
6:53 pm
taking it out on fema but an enormous disconnect what is actually happening? >> i with the mayor but hurricanes and blackouts. people expect things to be done right away. i think the mayor is doing the best he can. i think the governor . i think governor christie is and cuomo. >> think the victory lap that president obama took a couple days ago was really exaggerated. the fact is new york city is without bottled water. how come fema didn't pre-position bottled water. they don't have generators. what is this gasoline back-up. what do we have federal government for? if they can't get us gasoline for a hurricane predicted three or four days in advance. they have an election going on,
6:54 pm
people don't want to say that, but i think fe ma has dropped the ball certainly maybe as big as katrina because they had more warning here and the situation isn't as big as katrina. >> neil: when you have so many immediate responses of fema, they are doing a great job. >> come >> rerealize it's not a great job. the media coverage which gives us a sense have fema past versus katrina, the immediate response then, not so good. we can leave the politics whether there is a double standard there? >> there is a double standard. >> neil: but the coverage period? >> there is a double standard and reality people suffer as a result of it because the obama administration isn't being held accountable. if they were held accountable and kick them in the back side they would start doing something. this is simple question. why didn't they pre-position bottd water. why didn't they position in
6:55 pm
generators? why weren't they helping three or four days ago to make sure gasoline was going in another way, to long island and new jersey. these are things that a competent emergency response planned for en you have three or four days. all people have to do is what you see on television and realize this president took a victory lap pre-muarlt. just like on -- prematurely. >> so you think this is something, this is criticism of george bush, with katrina he was taking a victory lap and media was over him. my goodness, not the weekend before the election. they have done everything to coronate him. this is unfortunately people are now suffering and the federal government is the only one that
6:56 pm
can really help here. new york city is without resources. those resources have t come from someplace ee. i know a good foema response, i got it on september 11, september 12, september 13, 2001. we had more equipment than we knew what to do with. we had a pre-positioned at the convention center. >> neil: that was then and very different now. we are sparse for time. you be safe. rudy guliani. >> we are telling you, you see what is happening out there. ititititit follow the wings. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro.
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the innovators, the heads of the art movements of the past. they kept it really edgy, and, like, a lot of the latin american muralists and the latin american artists, their styles are very unique and new to their time, you know, somewhat controversial, but that's who i look up to mainly. personally, i'm very excited about going to college. it's something new, and it's something different than what i'm used to. i'm definitely going to be a little out of my element, but that's what makes it so exciting is that, you know, it's something fresh. well, there's so many opportunities that i think i could miss out on if i didn't go, you know. getting into college takes planning and vision. you know, it's just like when i take a brick wall and turn it into a canvas for my art. painting's helped me realize i've got what it takes.
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